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Economists have shown most retirees would benefit more from an immediate annuity than investing their money. Don’t make the same mistake. Speak to one of the experts and see If an immediate annuity is right for your situation.

Article discusses the problem with waiting for higher rates and that many individuals have been waiting for 25 years. Have we entered a new paradigm of chronically low interest rates?

The Federal Reserve in an unprecedented move declares they will keep rates at a historically low level until mid 2013. Use the tool “The Waiting Game” to decide if you should lock in rates now or later.

An annuity may help you avoid taxation of your Social Security benefits. Let an expert help you properly position your assets. Always consult with your accountant or tax adviser before making a decision.

Don’t wait for the U.S. government or your employer to solve your retirement problems. Contact an expert now to take control of your financial future.