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Annuities are specially designed to provide income. The income provided by an annuity can begin immediately or at a chosen future date. The benefit provided by an income annuity solves some of the most pressing problems in retirement planning.

What is a safe withdrawal rate?
As opposed to investments where a withdrawal rate has to be chosen and potentially adjusted due to market events, an annuity provides the maximum amount of income for life without risk of running out of money.

Interest rates are low?
While Bond yields, CD rates, and savings interest rates may be low, annuities may provide a much higher payment not only due to interest calculations but life expectancy calculations.

What if I outlive my money?
Annuity payments can be designed to last as long as the owner may live.

Will my spouse be taken care of once I am gone?
Annuity payments can be designed to last as long as either a husband or wife survives leaving the financial decision maker peace of mind that their spouse will continue to receive income for their lifetime.

What if the stock market and economy perform poorly?
An annuity payment is a contractual agreement between the purchaser and the insurance company. All investment risk has been transferred to the insurer and they are obligated to honor the payment guarantee despite what happens in the stock market and economy.

How will I pay certain obligations once I stop earning income?
After retirement many bills and obligations may continue after your paychecks stop. You may choose to purchase an annuity to guarantee the ability to cover certain obligations such as life insurance, mortgages, gifting plans, or other various fixed expenses.

How can I leave a legacy for my heirs or charity?
As standard investments provide no guarantee due to market volatility or the fact you may live longer than you expect, you may use an annuity to take a higher payout guaranteed for life from a portion of your assets and leave other assets untouched and earmarked for legacy giving. Or you may choose to annuitize a larger portion of your assets to provide a higher payout rate and take a portion of the guaranteed payment to purchase insurance that can guarantee leaving a legacy as long as one qualifies through underwriting.

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